Atkins VS Keto Differences

Atkins vs Keto Differences

If you are reading this because there is some indecision as to what dietary weight loss program to follow, then you have found the right article online to reference to. From television commercials to YouTube videos, you’ve seen the headlines that Americans are fatter than ever.

Atkins vs Keto Differences, what are they and what do you need to know to make the best decisions for yourself and your health.

Two Thirds of Americans are Either Obese or Overweight.

In current reporting, The Centers for Disease Control states that a staggering two thirds of Americans are either obese or overweight.  Because of this, we spend an estimated 42 billion dollars annually, trying to lose weight because statistically and our waist lines, aren’t shrinking any smaller. Researchers are continuously hunting for clues as to why many people, despite earnest dieting and exercise efforts, can’t shed extra pounds or can’t maintain lost weight and keep it off for good.

Now while eating less and exercising more will translate into greater weight loss, this is equivalent to providing financial advice to simply spend less while making more money. Sure it makes sense but how do you actually do it? That requires you having the proper tools and you know one of the biggest problems with many Americans, is that they have been given the wrong tools to combat losing and maintaining proper weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). They’ve been strongly encouraged to adopt a very low-fat high-carbohydrate diet and for many people, it’s backfired.

Starting in the 1970s, the low-fat food craze swept the nation and even though many foods are now available in low-fat forms, they haven’t made it any easier to lose weight.  That may be because, these low-fat foods often have as many calories as their full fat counterparts. This article and site for that matter, will teach you why it turns out, that eating the right fats is actually critical to weight loss and general health for there’s something else in our diets, that may be to blame for obesity as far as a culprit.

There’s many candidates for why diets and diet fads fail although, clearly there is evidence that a major problem is overconsumption of carbohydrates and in particular, carbohydrates that are highly refined and processed. Sugars especially fructose for example, is a major problem in people’s diet. It is an opinion by some, that the low-fat train has derailed and there’s really a ground swelling of support and interest in low carbohydrate diets; a diet that controls carb intake and limits sugar and flour and other refined grains.

The first diet, which is commonly called a low carb or Atkins diet, it is a popular form of weight-loss trending that’s gained a lot of attention because millions of people have achieved success on Atkins. Unlike fad diets, there is convincing scientific evidence that reducing carbohydrates is a path to weight loss.

Atkins vs Keto Differences
Dr. Robert Atkins

Dr. Robert Atkins

The Atkins diet was founded and originated by Dr. Robert Atkins who was born in 1930. He went to medical school and graduated from The University of Michigan as a cardiologist.  His success at becoming a heart medical professional, didn’t start so well at the start of his career and as a result of these professional obstacles, he gained a lot of weight and fell into physical and mental depression.

It was during these times in Dr. Atkins life, that he then began to investigate and study the low carb diet as promoted by Alfred Pennington and as a result, he successfully managed to lose weight which excited him to the point that he started his own specialized clinic to help people lose weight. He then during this same period, wrote a book that was published in 1972 called the Atkins Diet Revolution.

17 years later in 1989, he expanded his low carb diet enterprise by founding Atkins Nutritional so that now he could provide specific foods and snacks for people that were lower in carbohydrates.  Dr. Atkins would continue to lead the Atkins Nutritional company until 2003, when he accidently slipped on some ice, hitting his head and sadly passing away a few days later from complications after surgery from a blood clot.

Dr. Atkins missing presents spelled the end of prosperity and the company became bankrupt in 2005.  His company was later bought out by a new organization, so now Atkins is still around and doing business but it’s not Dr. Atkins himself anymore as it is just a company owned by third party who is doing business and trying to continue some of the ideas that Dr. Atkins started.

So what did he do right well in a time of low-fat craze and the height of the low-fat craze in the 70s and 80s? He decided to double down on his convictions of weight loss, and he said that the high fat low carb is the way to go!

This gave him instant trendsetter status within the medical world, and his book initiated a lot of the ideas that we see today about low carb dining and low carb principles. If you go research Atkins today, then you will see that they have different stages with different levels and the the most disciplined level of the Dr. Atkins Diet is for conditions of diseases like diabetes and extreme obesity. Your doctor or nutritionist would then put you in the Atkins 20 tier.

The Akins 20 tier is translated as you’re eating 20 grams or less of carbohydrate per day. However, if you’re not diabetic or obese, but you have an significant amount of weight to lose, then they would recommend the Atkins 40 tier with 40 grams or less. For those who just like maintaining their health at a ideal weight, then the Atkins hundred with a hundred grams of carbs would be prescribed.  With these details of who and what the Dr. Atkins diet was and is, lets see how the Keto Diet is a direct relative to an Atkins Diet.

The Basics of a Ketogenic Diet

With the ketogenic diet, the goal exactly like the Atkins Diet, is to switch from a state of glycolysis which means that your body is burning glucose to a state of ketosis where your body is burning ketones.

Burning ketones means, that you are forcing your body to start burning your fat as its main energy source instead of incoming carbs. The body accomplishes by making one’s food intake high in fat with moderate protein and almost no carbohydrates.  In turn, the body soon runs out of its preferred energy source which is carbohydrates and begins to burn fats instead.

The Keto Diets main mission, is generally for carbs to make up about 5% of macronutrient intake while protein intake is 15 to 30 percent and fat intake makes up the rest of the bodies energy source for metabolic function.  It takes on an average of several days for your body to adapt to the changes in macro nutrient composition and over the first few days on the keto diet, the body enters a state of ketosis and insulin levels drop rapidly while ketone bodies increase.

There are different variations of keto diet plans which help specific medical needs.

The Classic Keto Diet was created to help children with seizures and this diet is very strict in the fact that it  has extremely low carbohydrates.

This means that these children on this diet had less than 5% of energy from carbs, 5 to 20 percent from protein, and 75 to 90 percent from fat and with these seizure kids, they were more like closer to 90 percent fat.

Today’s Keto Diet variants, look a little bit more about the whole picture, and are now less strict in low carb requirements.


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